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Design Logic Inc. Aircraft Engine Pre-heaters

First introduced at the Oshkosh Air Show in 1993 (under the name Symtec Inc.), our engine pre-heaters are designed to reduce engine wear during cold startups. In this website you will find information on the benefits of preheating, the benefits and specifications of the Design Logic Pre-heater, lay and expert testimonials, and much more. We thank you for your interest in the Design Logic pre-heater, and hope you will join our family of satisfied customers.

                                                                        Tom Anderson, President

Why Pre-heat?

As quoted by Peter M. Diemer in Northern Pilot magazine, “Preheating goes a long way toward a successful cold-weather start with minimal wear to the engine.” Having an engine pre-heater will reduce considerable amount of wear on your engine during cold weather start ups. Some of the most considerable wear to an aircraft engine can come in these cold weather startups. Pre-heating will ensure engine warmth by warming the oil and entire engine through conduction and convection. Not everyone has access to a climate controlled hanger, so with pre-heating the engine will start up like it is 60 degrees outside.

“If you are a cold weather pilot dwelling in regions that experience temperatures of 40 degrees or below, pre-heat is essential. The correct and timely use of pre-heating products will assure the aircraft owner of effortless and economical cold weather operation… The few pennies per flying hour that you spend on pre-heat will come back to you in mega-bonus bucks, in both increased TBO and the actual cost of overhauling your engine. Peace of mind is an extra bonus” (Tom Shappell, Cessna Owner Magazine, 1993).

Why Design Logic Pre-heaters?

Design Logic Aircraft Engine Pre-heaters are famous for their durability and reliability:

- Use an extruded aluminum construction that is durable but also lightweight (13 oz). The size of the unit is either 5 x 4-5/16” or 5 x 2-3/4” (depending on model). Models can be used for over 600 Lycoming and most Continental engines as well as some Franklin, Garrett, and Marathon. Click here to find out which model will work for your engine.

- Our pre-heater is impervious to puncture and contaminants.

- Can be reinstalled after overhaul or to another engine.

- Can be left on continuously (the heater is thermostatically controlled: 170- 200 deg. F.).

- The heater will never overheat. A thermal fuse shuts off the heater should the heater ever become dislodged from the sump and the thermostat fail.

- Can be used with portable generators.

- 220 watts; two, 110- watt heater cartridges in parallel.

- Extremely simple installation. Installs with a 2-part epoxy (included) that is heat cured when unit is plugged in.

Cessna Owner Magazine described the easy installation of the Design Logic Pre-heater, “All (the installation) went precisely as the instructions said that it would with no skinned knuckles and no cussin’. It was just perfect… Installation is a straight-forward adhesive application, with no surprises.”

- Minimal paper work. Installation is considered a minor modification with no STC or 337 entry needed. Simply make a log book entry.

- FAA/PMA approved.

- Two-year, unconditional guarantee; the best in the industry


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